Flexture has extensive Siemens S7 PLC, WinCC, PCS7 and C# / .NET experience. The combination of S7 and .NET knowledge can deliver the most advanced automation applications. See below some Flexture projects:

FlextureProject: S7ToExcel

"S7ToExcel" is a Microsoft Excel add in to get online data from a profinet connected S7 PLC into an Excel cell.

FlextureProject: Custom Made Home Automation

Creating and integrating custom made C# home automation software. The software controls the lights, DMX controlled RGB led strips, TV & home cinema, media server (XBMC), heating, automated gates, irrigation control, ...

FlextureProject: Fully Automatic Startup Of 18MW Diesel Engine Power Plant

Integrating additional programmation (Siemens S7-400, Simatic Manager and WinCC) and adjust existing programmation to convert the powerplant to a fully automatic startup and shutdown powerplant depending on actual energy market demand.

FlextureProject: Integrating Peak Shaving Program for 16MW Powerplant

Integrating peak shaving program for 16MW diesel engine power plant.